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This starts in the Earth system and moves out in space

Character Creation

1.Generate Ability Score: Roll 4D6 drop the lowest die. Or 8 + 1D10

2.Select Race: all races from Saga, Threats, Knights o/t, Unleashed, and Scum are allowed.

3.Choose class: Noble, Scoundrel, Scout, and Soldier

4.Assign Ability Scores

5.Determine Combat Statistics

6.Select Skills: Each class has one bonus skill in which they are trained one.

7.Select Feats, plus one bonus feat

8.Select Talents, plus one bonus talent

9.Starting Credits are ½ the listed numbers.

10.Finishing Your Character

All classes get Knowledge (Galactic lore)

Noble bonus skills pick one: Knowledge (Bureaucracy), Knowledge (Physical Sciences), Persuasion, Ride,

Scoundrel bonus skills pick one: Deception, Gather Information, Knowledge (Technology), Pilot

Scout bonus skills pick one: Climb, Knowledge (Life Science), Stealth, Survival

Soldier bonus skills pick one: Endurance, Knowledge (Tactics), Pilot, Treat Injury

Sci-Fi Game

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