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During the 22nd century ESD, humans from Earth began to travel beyond their solar system. They discovered other sentient life inhabiting planets orbiting these alien stars. Once contact was made and treaties signed, trade was established between Earth and other planets. Goods, culture and technology were all exchanged between the different races. The most important technology the humans learned in this exchange was the ability to make Faster Then Light (FTL) jump gates. Before these gates were used only the largest ships could travel between the stars. The main problem with these gates are they must be placed at the Lagrange Points in a solar system. Huge amounts of energy were required to keep the gates stable and fixed in place at their Lagrange Points.

The inevitable trade disputes between the races let to interstellar wars. These let to wars over planet and stellar rights and ownership. By 23rd century the wars were mostly over, with the exception of a few bored worlds still having their troubles. But most races were content with their share of planets, stars and trade rights. As the century marched on the humans found new planets to inhabit. These worlds were terraformed to make them as close to earth-like as possible.

Terraforming is difficult and sometimes unpredictable. Because of this, some worlds were made into paradise and others made just barely livable by human standards. Towards the end of the 23rd century, an alien race was able to make a FTL in a smaller ship, a Colossal-Cruiser size craft. This innovation lead to another war, until all the other races received the FTL drives for there own C-C ships. An uneasy peace reigned until the end of the century.

In 2299 a lost group of explores returned to Earth. They left Earth in 2103 to chart an unknown sector of space. The aliens they encountered were hostile. Their ship, the Bismarck, was badly damage and many lives were lost escaping from these aliens. When the ship finally returned to Earth, the descendants of the original crew brought back nearly 200 years of hatred for non-humans and new technologies they had developed to fight aliens.

The return of the Bismarck and their xenophobic ways caused a split in the Earth culture and eventually government. Some saw this as a way to expand Earth controlled space. Others had found that it was good to live at peace with their alien friends. These two factions grew more hostile with each other until real fighting broke out. The Earth Civil War started just one year into the 24th century. It pitted man vs. man and brother vs. brother. Soon aliens where drawn into the conflict. For nearly fifty years the war raged. Then just as fast as it had started the fighting stopped.

The outcome of this great war was devastating. The death toll for the Earth Union Force (EUF) near two billion causalities. The Human Coalition Army (HCA) is thought to have as many causalities if not more. Alien races faired better, with only one billion thought to be lost in total. With such heavy causalities, many cultures collapsed leading to many of the advanced technology being lost.

For most of the 25th century humanity held on to a thin string of planets just keeping the mercenaries out. Slowly the humans formed “Houses” to stay alive. These houses became the new form of government. What house you belong to, became a come question. Each house then began to fight with each other. Each one claiming to be the true power from years long past. In the middle of this the power center of Earth was slowly and quietly building it’s own forces. Nothing happened and an uneasy and unspoken truce, keep the humans at peace.

In the year 2525 this peace was broken. Three of the main houses united and attacked EUF on Mars, Titan, and Earth in the same day. This battle started the latest war, “House War” as it is called. Many thought that this war would kill all of humanity and leave a void. But, it only lasted three years killing millions and leveling many cities, the aliens stayed out of this one. In the end the houses overturned the old government and formed the Human Commonwealth Union (HCU). Although far from stable it was governed by representative from the six main house and one for all the minor houses, each was motivated by their own interests. It takes a great force to get four votes for anything to pass it.


There are four existing basic technologies. A fifth technology exists in rumors and legends.

  • Tech I: is lowest very primitive melee and ranged weapons and muscle power travel.
  • Tech II: chemical power weapons and vehicles
  • Tech III: energy based weapons and vehicles
  • Tech IV: advanced energy weapons and very fast vehicles
  • Tech V: ???

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